Free Time with Jenny Blake
Free Time with Jenny Blake
001: All-in on Heart-Based Business

001: All-in on Heart-Based Business


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Gulp! Here we go, all-in on a new podcast (that will run in parallel to the Pivot podcast), and I’m thrilled to have you here for the kick-off! Welcome to Free Time: your new home for Heart-Based Business.

In this inaugural episode I’m sharing what inspired me to start this show, how I’m handling the Imposter Monster sitting right next to me, and what’s next for Jenny Blake Enterprises. A pivot for Pivot, if you will :)

Key questions:

  • In what area of your business and creative projects is done better than perfect?

  • What can you give yourself permission to drop or do differently?

  • What would be possible if you narrowed your focus?

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📘 Books Mentioned: Pivot, Essentialism, Finite and Infinite Games

🔗 Links Mentioned: Gimlet Media’s StartUp, Pivot podcast episodes 228 (how I run my business without social media) and 251 (Imposter Monsters)

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Free Time with Jenny Blake
Free Time with Jenny Blake
Set your time free through smarter systems so you can do more of your best work. Free Time launched in 2021 and releases on Tuesdays and Fridays. It's a Webby-nominated business podcast, and winner of three W3 awards for best show and best host. Join Jenny Blake, author of three award-winning books—including Free Time: Lose the Busywork and Love Your Business and Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One—to explore our guiding question: How can we earn twice as much in half the time, with joy and ease, while serving the highest good? Subscribe wherever you listen at, and check out Jenny's other podcast, Pivot with Jenny Blake, on navigating change at Follow Jenny on Substack: