Free Time with Jenny Blake
Free Time with Jenny Blake
152: Do Less — On Entropic Bloat & Business Haircuts ✂️

152: Do Less — On Entropic Bloat & Business Haircuts ✂️

As I share in Free Time, nowhere is entropy more visually evident than in older homes or ones in nature. I remember staying at a cabin in the Catskills, where I could see right before my eyes all forms of plants and animals encroaching on the once-pristine house. 

Without upkeep, a dead tree teetered precariously toward the roof, weeds started overtaking the grass, spiders made themselves comfortable in bathroom corners, giant carpenter ants traversed the kitchen counters, and we spotted a garden snake crawling into the crevices of the outdoor hot tub.

Entropy, defined as a gradual decline into disorder, is intrinsic to all organic systems, and it’s happening in your business, too. In this episode, I’m talking about entropic bloat and why we need to actively decide to do less, giving our business regular “haircuts” along the way.

🌟 Key Takeaway: Due to entropic bloat, you need to actively eliminate aspects of your business that are no longer serving you. Ways to give your business a haircut:

  1. Raise prices

  2. Stop doing custom proposals

  3. Don’t negotiate

  4. Reset your boundaries

  5. Sell only one flagship product or service 

  6. Aggressively block your calendar

  7. Choose two focus areas for the year

  8. Tighten your filter

  9. Say no more, even when you’re excited

  10. Rethink contract terms

  11. Create content assets

  12. Shut down stale services

  13. Double check: eliminate before you delegate

  14. Create automations that eliminate future steps and friction

📝Permission: To be selfish in service of your business. Do less so you can say yes to producing more of your best work — the work you’ll look back on at the end of the year and be most proud of.

✅Do (or Delegate) This Next: Conduct an audit of all the projects and recurring tasks you have delegated to team members in your business and reconsider if they should be done at all.

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Free Time with Jenny Blake
Free Time with Jenny Blake
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